Lilliana Gibbs

Lilliana Gibbs

Lilliana is passionate about working with people to elicit their strengths, recognise their blocks and blind spots, build their influencing skills, and helping them to become more confident of their capacities to develop and change.

Her approach is to balance thinking and feeling, so people understand behaviour and relationship dynamics from a broad and authentic perspective. To compliment cognitive understanding, she uses experiential processes including Systemic Constellation to access the right brain’s imagination, intuition and emotional intelligence.

Working with individuals and teams, Lilliana has a particular focus on women. Her group coaching programme is designed to strengthen the fundamentals that underpin the capacity for women to be confident, effective and fulfilled in life and work.

Lilliana’s first profession was in film and television, and she has used video for communication and change, both as a tool, and as a process.

She also recognises a film crew as a highly effective model for organisations and teamwork; Working from the same script, each member understands the vision and goal. They know their role and responsibility, and how it relates to other departments and individuals. Planning is exact and timing critical, yet the unexpected is inevitable, so flexibility and resourcefulness are vital.

A director of Enthum, Lilliana trained as a coach at Ashridge Business School, and has a post-graduate diploma in counselling from the Australian College of Applied Psychology. Her continous professional development includes training in Systemic Constellations and Dr David Schnarch’s Crucible Approach to working with couples.  Born in the UK, she lived in Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia before returning to the UK in 2007. She has two young adult daughters, and she is an ardent photographer.