what clients say about us

what clients say about us

Hussein has helped us to identify the obstacles to change within our current business model and shown the team how to take ownership and support each other during this challenging period of adjustment. We now have clear roles and responsibilities for delivering agreed targets, which has resulted in increased motivation and a clear purpose. Hussein has gained the respect of the team and continues to support us month by month to implement our agreed business objectives.

Alistair Fleming, MD Woodworks

The coaching was more holistic than I expected. We spent time talking about a wide range of issues that connected back to some of the barriers I wanted to overcome at work in ways that often surprised me. As a result I have been more able to ask for what I need to be effective in my role and to achieve a better home/work life balance. Its helped me identify and value my strengths and shift the focus of my role so that the company is benefiting from more of my time in those really value added areas

I like the energy Lilliana brings to every session. I value the insights she has shared with me around what she was hearing, and there is a great balance of challenge and support in all our conversations.

Debbie Tozer<, Head of Programme Office - Whitbread

Our experience of working with Hussein was very positive. We were dealing with high-level business issues and also the human-level of personal relations within the company’s senior management.

Hussein’s approach was unique in that he has the skill set to deal with complex issues of company law and share structure, as well as finding a fair, well thought through and balanced approach to the more sensitive issues of management and personal relations. This is a very holistic approach and its rare to find Hussein’s level of business expertise. I would highly recommend him and Enthum Coaching & Consulting.

David Anderson Chair, Pelham House Hotel & Conference Centre

Hermione gave me assistance with my work/home life balance at a very stressful time in my life. I found her help practical and useful in a real way. She is a wise and very experienced practitioner. I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone in need of good counsel.

AH, MD construction business

Having spent a lot on many different coaches, I can quite categorically say that Hermione stands head and shoulders above the norm. Within two sessions I accessed some ground breaking realisations about myself and limiting patterns and learnt new resources to enable very empowering beliefs. Excellent! Thank you.”

AW, MD Fitness Group

It was during my last 5 years with Avery that I was first ‘exposed’ to Harvey and his team and although it sounds a dramatic statement it was a life-changing event for me and the start of major changes to the Avery Dennison business strategy.

Although Harvey and his team knew nothing about our products or customers they ‘encouraged’ us to look at all aspects of our business from a different angle and to bring out some of our thoughts, ideas and knowledge that was within the company but not being utilised. Our Senior Management Group was so impressed that we expanded the involvement to include some 200-300 employees over the next 2 years. I am convinced that this training was a major factor in the on-going success of Avery Dennison today and to many of the people who had the privilege (and pleasure) to be involved.
It is always a good test of a business product to ask “would I spend my own money on this?” One of the first things I did after I set up my own company was to involve Harvey in our training and development plans.

Noel Donaldson, MD Avery Dennison

I can best describe Hussein’s contribution as unique in three distinct areas; (1) An amazing sensitivity and awareness for the needs and motivations of entrepreneurs and teams that drive the business and nurture the vision. (2) A creative and skilful approach for setting objectives, systems and structures that best support aims and values. And (3) a deep knowledge of the financial foundation required to fuel balanced growth and fulfil expectations. It was fun and exciting to work together and always had a human touch.

Karl-Heinz Karpf, MD 2k Development

We were stuck at a certain level of growth, and a certain level of profitability. Worse, internally we were plagued by high levels of stress and disorganisation. As Managing Director, I was finding this blockage was killing my enthusiasm, and I was losing interest and focus.

We engaged Marcus to facilitate our strategic retreat. He took us through a process which dealt not only with the strategic, organisational and business aspects of our company, but also the personal and interpersonal. He helped us to craft a new Strategic Direction, backed by a new organisational chart, and new business strategies and tactics. This new document incorporated not only all that our clients and we valued about the firm, but promised to iron out the frustrating flaws. The end result included greater freedom for me to do what I as best at and loved, not tied down by the operational issues which were sapping my energies.

Overall, a major turning point for Assai, and one that Marcus played a critical role in bringing to fruition.

David Week, MD Assai

Harvey has led teambuilding and management training in Zambia, Angola, Malawi and Madagascar. In addition, our CRS Malawi program had Harvey co-facilitate a global meeting that developed a key document that will assist CRS in being more competitive for US government grants.

Harvey has an excellent style that allows teams to build trust and then to quickly develop effective plans to improve work together. He has also shown an ability to work with cross-cultural teams as well as groups that have all managers or groups that have staff members from all levels. I highly recommend Harvey for teambuilding and facilitation work.

Michele Broemmelsiek, Regional Director, Southern Africa Office Catholic Relief Services

I genuinely recommend Lilliana Gibbs. I had the opportunity to work with her on some emotionally-charged career and personal issues.

From our work together, I gained perspective that will serve me well for years to come. Lilliana helped me bring to surface some deep-rooted habits that have caused me stress for years. In fact, the way I now approach decisions has changed dramatically. Lilliana and I did not focus on short-term solutions by solving my immediate, pressing problems or making decisions. Rather, we refined the way I make decisions in the first place.

As a coach, Lilliana has a delicate balance of both nurturance and challenge, which made for complete trust in our professional relationship, and allowed for both revealing, yet challenging sessions. What I learned about myself will be an asset throughout my personal and professional life.

Michelle L Ayres, career transition

Adrienne is working with voice that touches energies at a very deep level. I felt guided towards a whole new direction in life and shifted some very ‘stuck’ energies.

Harris Smart, writer

I find Adrienne’s work life changing. I have kissed enough frogs to know when I have found a prince. After the first workshop somebody at work said to me – there’s something different about you…what’s changed?

Shirley Crisford

The best voice work I’ve ever done!

James, lead singer of Tin Booth

What stands out was Marcus’s ease with the workshop flow. His ability to keep us on track – or to change the track if it was appropriate.

He has a good blend of ‘academic knowledge’ and pragmatism, and excellent interpersonal skills. Marcus has the ability to recognise the groups real issues and facilitate our collective agreement”

Senior Managers, Telstra

Lilliana is a great coach. I couldn’t second guess anything she was doing which to me, shows great presence and integrity. I’ve gained inner strength over these past months, clarity in my thoughts, and as a result making changes and steps in my life quite gracefully, but with big consequences.

I have noticed lots of friends really listening to me in a way I can see they are captivated. I’ve gained a passion, or am expressing this passion now. I’ve taken on a new studio, making big steps in my work, and am altering relationships that were troubling me.

I’m sure I’ll continue to develop the confidence, and passion I have gained, in my work and personnel life.

Melina Clark, Jewellery Designer

Harvey Peters and his team developed and delivered programmes which I can whole-heartedly recommend. It is the way that they combine traditional learning with experiential learning and a good dose of fun that sets them apart. Eversheds staff had a very wide range of learning styles and we needed trainers that could relate to and develop everyone.

The end-result was a reduction in staff turnover from 35% to just 11%, which, at that time, was better than any other firm of lawyers could manage. Obviously there were other contributing factors, but I can honestly say that Harvey’s programme can claim to have achieved the bulk of it. Continuation of the programme in each subsequent year, helped ensure that the old problems never recurred.

Dave Clark, Director of Training – Eversheds Solicitors

We recruited Hussein Dickie from Enthum to assist in highlighting areas of the business that were weak on and to help provide clarity on what we were really trying to achieve.

Hussein’s creative approach enabled the management team to agree on the direction the company needed to take and clarified what steps would be needed to take it there.

Hussein’s skill as a facilitator helped to generate real enthusiasm to put in the necessary effort for change.

Stewart Horty, CEO – ISOS Ltd