This work explores the unseen dynamics that exist in an organisation. If an organisation violates systemic rules it will not produce the desired outcome. It doesn’t matter how much money and consultants are hired to fix the issues, the business will always succumb to the hidden dynamics that violate the systemic principals.

The coach will guide a systemic constellation by listening to what the system is revealing. Once an issue is clearly expressed and impartial individuals are chosen to represent the players or elements involved in the story, the dynamics and energy of the system will reveal the truth and reality of the relationships in a first step. As a constellation progresses the system will automatically seek its balance and reveal the hidden dynamics that may have violated the principals guiding the system.


It would be a mistake to think that a business owner or manager of a corporation could run their business alone. The boss or the board makes decisions but all members together run the business. Looking at the wider system of your business there are other stakeholders and customers that also impact on the business succeeding.

The whole is more than the sum of the parts. This saying suggests that there are more aspects at work in a system in order for it to produce more than just summing up what each individual can contribute.  These hidden dynamics are what exist between people, they are not conscious. Ever since Sigmund Freud we know that the unconscious has a powerful influence on our actions.

Not only individuals are influenced by the unconscious but also systems like families, organisations, businesses are subject to the unconscious. They function according to their own rules and principals, we call those “Systemic Rules” and they are present whenever individual elements form a symbioses, become a ‘whole’, in service of a greater goal.