our services

our services

We work with people who want to explore themselves, master their professional lives, and seek support with their business.

Our core services provide the opportunity for people to explore their capacities and their limitations, align goals with actions, and gain a deeper understanding of their strengths and values. In organisations we work systemically, understanding the dynamics and forces that are present within the organisation will help free the system from unwanted entanglements and also illuminate aspects that could hinder a healthy development of an organisation.


Our diverse team of experienced coaches provides individual coaching to address areas such as;

  • Career and performance
  • Life and relationships
  • Business management
  • Stress and burnout


Leaders often feel that they are not getting the results they want. Rather than highlighting the symptoms and applying quick fixes that will likely lead to other conflicts, our approach helps to illuminate the conflicting structures that cause stagnation, oscillation and unintended consequences.


We facilitate project-teams and workshops. Our techniques enable participants to safely explore new ways of being with themselves and in relationship with others, to work towards identified common goals.