Mindset: A New Psychology of Success

Carol Dweck

What we believe about people’s talent and intelligence can genuinely limit their capacity for learning and growth. Carol Dweck demonstrates how people with a so-called FIXED MINDSET, see intelligence as inherent and unchangeable. These people develop a tendency to focus on proving or sustaining their position, rather than learning. But when people view intelligence as a potential that can be developed, this is called the GROWTH MINDSET, and these people put effort into continuous learning and into developing strategies that enhance capacity.

Recognising that people differ in their natural abilities, Carol Dweck stresses that it is continued effort which makes abilities blossom. Children who have learned to develop a growth mindset know that effort is the main key to creating knowledge and skills. And the growth mindset can be learnt, people of all ages can shift to understanding everything as a learning opportunity, and build their skills and intelligence.

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