systems – coaching

This work explores the unseen dynamics that exist in an organisation. If an organisation violates systemic rules it will not produce the desired outcome. It doesn’t matter how much money and consultants are hired to fix the issues, the business will always succumb to the hidden dynamics that violate the systemic principals.

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Our aim is to harness the wisdom of a group, providing processes that successfully channel the group energy towards clear objectives and goals.
Our methods can be applied to group discussions, training and team development, as well as hard-core analysis or complex strategic tasks.

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Business – Coaching

will re-establish your relationship to your work and the people you work with. This is about you finding your place in the system you are in and the wider system you are part of. Exploring the systemic dynamics that impact your behaviour will highlight entanglements and blockages that limit your ability to shine.

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Mentoring is a cost effective resource that can help at any stage in the business, to support the owners and managers to figure out where they want to be, and help them get there in a more reliable way and in a shorter time. The mentor is an experienced businessperson who has been down the road you are about to go and can therefor assess your risks more reliably. He is a personal resource to management but not responsible for managing the company.

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10 Tips for business owners and managers

Our Services

  • systemic – coaching

    Our services are carefully selected with the aim to improve business performance in companies and organisations. We coach, mentor and facilitate individuals and teams to find their 'right place' in their work environment and to ensure that talent is applied effectively in service of the enterprise and the individual

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  • business-coaching

    Running an organisation is demanding by any standards. It’s exhilarating and rewarding when the business goes well, and scary and threatening when it doesn’t.

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  • mentoring

    mentoring describes a relationship between an entrepreneur or manager and an experienced business person, who has been through what you are about to face. A mentor doesn't manage the company but he or she will be able to highlight pitfalls and risks that can be avoided and can offer approaches that have been successful.

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  • facilitation

    Good facilitation is the art of harnessing the wisdom of a group, and providing the framework and processes to successfully direct energy towards clear goals and objectives. Our facilitation techniques provide support for task teams as well as for large groups.

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